Tone Up and Increase Energy With Our Body Transformation Pack
FREE Personal Training Session, Nutrition Consultation & Goal Tracking Guide
Valued at $425.  Yours FREE... Limited Time ONLY!
FREE Personal Training Session For the FIRST 4 PEOPLE TO REGISTER
What You Get....
  • 30 Minute Personal Training Session: Learn what exercises to do, how to use the equipment, and how often you should train or exercise.
  • Nutrition & Diet Plan: Learn how to lose your first 5kg fast, and keep it off and then how to get to your goal weight and body composition - without having a diet of chicken and broccoli.
  • Motivation Accelerator Session: We will help you find the motivation to start and continue on your body transformation journey - so its fun & achievable.
  • Personalised Body Transformation Action Plan:  You will clearly know what to do, how to do it & when - to reach your goal.  Each step laid out simply & clearly.
  •  eBook "Why Diets Don't Work":  If you understand this fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle you will find weight loss so much easier & enjoyable.
  • Body Transformation Success Workbook & Diary:  Ensures your success and motivation.
  • Do you struggle with what exercises to do that will get the results you want?
  • Do you find gym equipment a little overwhelming?
  • Do you lack the push & drive when training by yourself?
Diet & Nutrition
  • Never Diet Again!  There is a reason why the word starts with 'DIE'.
  • Do you find simple meal planning difficult?
  • Are you not sure exactly what you should eat & when?
  • Did you know that eating lots of fruit is NOT good for weight loss or your health?
  • Are you simply not that good at cooking?
Progress Monitoring
  • Need help to keep you on track?
  • Did you know weight scales are NOT the way to monitor your progress?
  • Are you looking for life-long lasting results?
If You Are Ready To Get Fit & Healthy

BUT.... You Just Need Some Helpful Support & Advice

This is for you if....

  • You're not sure what to do, except "exercise"[but what sort, how often, and don't know how to use gym equipment]
  • You hate diets and don't really know, besides 'salad', what healthy eating really would be.
  • You don't know where to start, so you don't.
  • You find it hard to find time to look after yourself
  • You lack motivation - as exercise and dieting aren't your 'happy' place

Book Your Body Transformation Success Pack To GET THEN ANSWERS To Get Your Customised Action Plan That Will Make It All SIMPLE & EASY!

Focus On Fitness Guarantee:  We guarantee that you will have a clearly outlined action plan of what to do and when to do it - for your diet and exercise that will help you to meet your goals by your deadline
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